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Red RIli Shrimp

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This listing is for  Adult ( 3/4 inch) Red Rili Shrimps. These Red Rili shrimps will be an awesome addition to any aquarium, especially a planted tank. Our Red Rili shrimps are super active and breeding constantly, you might get some females that are berried! :) The pictures accurately depict the quality of the shrimps, what you see is what you get! :)

We keep all our Neocaridina Shrimps (Cherry Shrimps, Blue Dream Shrimps, Orange Shrimps, Yellow Golden-Back Shrimps, Green Jade Shrimps, Carbon Rii Shrimps, Red Rili and Bloody Mary) in the following water parameters.

Our Tank Water Parameters

PH: 7.0-7.2

GH: 7-8

KH: 3-4

TDS: 200-250

Temperature: 68F-74F