Shipping Information

When do you ship orders? / Why have I not received tracking information for my order? 

Shipping Schedule

Monday: All Order Types.

Tuesday: All Order Types.

Wednesday: All Order Types

Thursday: Dry Goods Orders

Friday:  Dry Goods Orders

Saturday: No Shipping

Sunday: No Shipping 

We ship orders with Live Animals via USPS Priority Shipping (2-3 Days) or *UPS Next Day Air (1-Day). We ship Dry Goods Only orders via USPS First Class (3-5 Days). 

*UPS Next Day Air does not mean the package will be delivered the next day from when the order was placed. Orders will be shipped in the order it was received, please allow a few days for the packing and handling time.

Any orders that are placed after Wednesday 7am PST will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday if the weather falls within our temperature ranges for the shipping option chosen, orders will be fulfilled in the order they came in. We do this to prevent the invertebrates from being held in the post office on Sunday in the case of courier delays, this minimizes transit time. Shipping information will be sent out after the order has been shipped and you will be able to track your package using the tracking number provided. 

We ship to all 49 States in the Continental United States.

We do not ship live animals to Hawaii or Puerto Rico due to strict customs restrictions related to importing live animals into those states. However, we are able to ship Dry Goods to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, please contact us at with the items you would like to purchase and we'll send over a custom invoice.


How much is shipping cost?

Orders with Live Animals and Plants:  Flat Rate of $15.00 for USPS Priority (2-3 Days)
Flat Rate of $45.00 for UPS Next Day Air Saver (1 Day), Only for Lower 48 States. Contact us regarding Alaskan Orders and we will send a custom invoice.
Orders with Dry Goods Only:  Flat Rate of $4.99 for USPS First Class (3-5 Days)
Flat Rate of $9.99 for USPS Priority (2-3 days)


How do you ensure the Invertebrates survive during extreme weather conditions?

Summer Shipping for Live Animal Orders 

High of Day Temperature Range

Shipping Service Options Available

Below 90F

USPS Priority Mail
UPS 2nd Day Air
UPS Next Day Air

90F - 105F

UPS Next Day Air (Cold pack included)

above 105F

(We will hold the order until temperatures fall within the acceptable temperature range based on your shipping service selected.)

If temperatures at the destination are out of our range to ship, the order will be held until we find a temperature window that is within our acceptable range, depending on the shipping service chosen. We do this to protect our animals and to ensure customer receive healthy livestock. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at for any questions or concerns.


How do you pack your invertebrates?

Invertebrates will be in special breather bags. These are special bags that provide air exchange through the bag wall. Fine mesh is added to provide a media for the invertebrates to cling on to during transit. Seachem Purigen Resin are also added to absorb any harmful compounds such as Ammonia and Nitrites. The bags will then be packed in a Styrofoam box with  more insulation to prevent drastic temperature changes during transit. We will also add a heat pack or cold pack if needed.