Live Arrival Guarantee Policy

In the rare of case of Dead On Arrival (DOA) please:

1. Take clear photos of the invertebrate(s) in the unopened bag within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt or pick-up.

2. Email them to 

3. Claims due to packages being left outside for extended periods of time in extreme temperatures will be void. 

4.The shipment must be sent to the correct delivery address, and not forwarded to another address unless the package is delivered on the same day. Forwarding of packages will usually result in an extra day or more in transit and will void our Live Arrival Guarantee. If UPS or USPS forwards your shipment in error, we do cover that type of mistake. 

5. A Refund or Gift Card will be issued for the cost of lost invertebrate(s) only. If a replacement is requested instead of a refund, we will invoice you the shipping cost for the replacement. 

Shipping Live Animals During Summer and Winter Periods

UPS Next Day Air is highly recommended if temperatures in your area goes above 90F or below 40F regularly. However, if the USPS Priority Shipping option is chosen and the high of day or low of day temperatures in your area on the day of delivery are above 90F or below 40F respectively, we highly advise to hold your package at your local post office for pickup. This will minimize the time the package is exposed to the elements on the post truck during more extreme weather conditions. Your local post office will be able to hold your package for pickup if you call them prior to the day of delivery, or schedule it online here