Where's My Order?

Where is my order? I ordered after Wed 6am PST.

Any orders that are placed after Wednesday 6am PST will be scheduled to be shipped the following Monday through Wednesday, however, there will be situations where we will have to hold your order for longer periods of time:

1. If temperatures in your area fall outside out temperature cutoff for that service.
2. If temperatures in our area fall outside of our safe range to ship live animals.
3. If there are public holidays where USPS or UPS does not deliver or pick up. 

Shipping information will be sent out after the order has been shipped and you will be able to track your package using the tracking number provided. Please refer to our shipping page for more information here. Thank you!

Where is my order? I paid for the Next Day Air shipping option.

Hi there! Next Day Air does not mean the package will be delivered the next day from when the order was placed. In addition, Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping does NOT mean the package will be delivered 2-3 days after the order is placed. The number of days stated for each service is the transit time (Estimated Time it will take to be delivered after the package has been shipped) for that service and does not include handling time. Please allow an additional 1-9 days for the packing and handling time. You will receive a shipping confirmation email along with the tracking information after your order has been shipped. If temperatures at the destination are out of our range to ship, the order will be held until we find a safe temperature window that is within our acceptable range, depending on the shipping service chosen. For more information on the temperature cutoff range, please refer to our shipping page here. Thank you!

Where is my order? The tracking says it is delivered but it is not.

Hi there! Please contact your local USPS or UPS office. They would be the best people to know where the order is. They may have scanned it ahead of time before delivering it. Or they will be able to recover it quickly if they have left it at a different location. Please provide them with your tracking number. Thank you!

Where is my order? I did not receive a tracking number.

Hi there! Once your order is shipped, an email will be sent to you automatically with the tracking information. Please check your spam or junk mail. Thank you!

Order / Checkout

The gift card isn’t working, please help!

Hi there! Please check if all 16 digits of the gift card are entered into the system. Sometimes, if you view the gift card on your cell phone, the last 4 digits may be hidden. Thank you!

Can I change the items in my order?

Hi there! If your order has not been processed or shipped, we will try our best to accommodate your new request. Once your order has been processed or shipped, we will not be able to edit your order at that point in time. Thank you!

Can you charge the upgrade to my credit card previously used?

Hi there! Due to cyber security reasons, we do not keep any credit card information from our customers on file. For any additional payments needed, we will send you an invoice and you can make the payment through that link. Thank you!

Can I add a heat pack or ice pack to my order?

Hi there! This will depends on the temperature and its fluctuation through various transit points. Our team will carefully check the temperature in your area, and we will determine if we need to add in a heat pack or ice pack to regulate the temperature in the box. If we do add one, there will not be any additional cost to you. Thank you!

What should I do? I was sent the wrong order.

Hi there! Please send us a clear photo of the animal in the unopened bag to info@shrimpybusiness.com. Thank you!

Why am I only offered Next Day Air Shipping?

Hi there! If your order contains fish or is above $250 in value, the system will only show the option to ship with Next Day Air. We can only ship fish with Next Day Air as they are more sensitive compared to shrimp. Thank you!

Do you have a local pick-up option?

Hi there! We are an online store only and do not have a store front for local pickups. We do ship locally and you can choose from our shipping options upon check out. Thank you!


How much is Shipping?

USPS Priority Shipping (2-3 days Transit) is a flat rate of $14.50. UPS Next Day Air (1 day Transit) is $45.50. We also offer a 10% discount for orders over $100.

Why do I only see the Overnight Shipping option at checkout?

To ensure our livestock get to our customer healthy, we only ship orders containing fish or Sulawesi shrimp via UPS Next Day Air.

How can I hold my order to be shipped on a specific date?

Hi there! During the checkout process, please indicate in the notes that you would like to hold your order to be shipped on a specific week. Please email us your order number at info@shrimpybusiness.com, immediately after you have placed your order. We will pull out your order manually from the list as soon as we receive your email. Please give us 48 hours to process your request. Once we receive your email, we will connect with you via email to coordinate the next available shipping dates. Thank you!

Do you offer free shipping?

Hi there! While we do not offer free shipping, we do have a 10% discount if your order is above $100. You will need to enter in the discount code upon check out. Thank you!

How can I upgrade the shipping?

Hi there! To upgrade your shipping, please send us an email with your order number to info@shrimpybusiness.com.

Our customer service representative will respond to your request within 24-48 hours. Please note that upgrading the shipping to the next day air option does not mean that your order will be shipped immediately. All orders, regardless of the type of shipping, will be shipped between Mon to Wed only. We do this to minimize the chance of the order sitting in the post office over the weekend in case of unforeseen shipping delays. Please note that we do not ship on holidays and orders that are confirmed after Wed 6am PST will be shipped the following week. We also must take into account the temperature in your area before we can determine if your order can be shipped. For more information, please refer to our shipping
page here. Thank you!

How do I hold my order at USPS office?

Hi there! We are unable to make this arrangement from our end. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a separate email with the tracking number. With the tracking number you can go to the USPS website, sign up for an account, and hold your package there. USPS does charge a fee to intercept and hold the package. 

Steps to Hold your order at the Post office:
1. You will receive a tracking number from Shrimpy Business once your order is shipped.
2. Sign up an account with USPS online at https://www.usps.com/manage/package-intercept.htm
3. With the tracking number, you will be able to hold your package.

Thank you!

Live Arrival Guarantee

My order is delayed, will my shrimps survive the additional day?

Hi there! Shrimps can survive in the bags for weeks as long as it is not exposed to extreme temperatures. However, not to worry, we will still honor our Live Arrival Guarantee Policy. As per our Live Arrival Guarantee Policy on our website here, please send us a clear photo of the shrimp in the unopened bag within 6 hours of delivery. Thank you!


The green jades look black or blue or dark?

Hi there! It is normal for green jades to look black when they are first received due to the stress from shipping. They will color up in your tank after a few days, they will also need a high-lighted, white light, tank to bring out their green color. Green Jades are very finicky and will also change colors depending on the substrate they are on. We recommend a black substrate to show off their color the best. Thank you!

Is my tank ready for shrimp?

Hi there! If this is your first go with shrimp, we recommend starting with the Neocaridina species instead of the Caridina species. Both shrimp species require a different set of water parameters to do well. We recommend using a liquid test kit to test the water in your tank. We have a few detailed articles on our blog that will be helpful to you.