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Aquarium Plant Variety Packs

Aquarium Plant Variety Packs

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Can't decide on what plants to get for your new Aquascape? We got your covered! We have come up with  5 plants and 10 plants of our choosing. The packs will consist of the following plants. We will choose the plants based on the placement of plants (foreground, midground and background), we'll make sure to include at least one plant from each placement. We will choose 5 plants or 10 plants from the following list:

Java Moss (golf ball size)
Christmas Moss Attached to Clay
Christmas Moss Attached to Rock
Dwarf Sagittaria
Micro Sword
Dwarf Hair Grass

Pearl Weed
Cryptocoryne Parva
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Cryptocoryne Lucens
Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red)
Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Green)
Java Fern
Java Fern Attached to Lava Rock
Anubias Attached to Lava Rock
Anubias Hastifolia
Anubias Nangi
Anubias Coffeefolia
Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana Petite
Anubias Nana Golden
Tiger Lotus (Plant with Bulb)
Dwarf Aquarium Lily (Plant with Bulb)
Banana Plant

Pogostemon Stellatus - Narrow Leaf

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