Gold rabbit snail.
Golden rabbit snail.

Gold Rabbit Snail

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Gold Sulawesi Rabbit Snails (Tylomelania sp.) are one of favorites because they are beautiful and pretty easy to care for. These snails are native to the Sulawesi islands of Indonesia. Therefore, they do require a warmer tank to do well. We keep them in a heated tank at about about 82F. These species are live bearers and the male and females are difficult to distinguish.  We sell these snails at 2 inches to 3 inches in length. These are imported adults and might have imperfect shells due to wear and tear from their time in their native environment.

The gold rabbit snails have pretty big appetites. We feed a combination of our own foods Shrimpy Party, Protein Party, blanched vegetables (Spinach and Zucchini), and Mulberry leaves.

Recommended Tank Parameters:

Temperature: 78F - 84F

PH: 7.6-8.4

KH: 3-14 KH