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Protein Party Premium Shrimp Food (25g)

Protein Party Premium Shrimp Food (25g)

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We are proud to offer our own premium shrimp food, Protein Party. Made from carefully chosen ingredients, we formulated Protein Party to provide a balanced, nutritional diet especially for berried shrimp. High-quality protein content is derived from Vegetables, Algae and other natural sources. Minerals and micronutrients are also added to maintain a healthy immune system.

Berried shrimp mommas go through a taxing time during the gestation period and need the extra protein to ensure their nutritional needs are met. In this formula, we increased the protein, beta-glucan, vitamin and mineral content to make sure berried shrimp are getting proper nutritional supplementation. 

We sell them in 25g packages as shown in the photo. These are the same food we feed to all our shrimp, we alternate between Shrimpy Party and Protein Party during our daily feedings. 

Feeding Directions: Feed as much as shrimp can consume in 4-6 hours. Remove any excess food.



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