Top 9 Best Plants for Your Shrimp Tank

We totally empathize that it can be overwhelming to choose plants for your planted tank with all the various options available today. Understanding each plants lighting needs, CO2 needs, and tank placement will help in creating a beautiful aquascape.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best freshwater aquarium plants to consider based on their location within the tank. Paying close attention to each section can help you better recreate your shrimps’ ideal living environment. Let’s take a look.

Foreground Plants

Dwarf Hair Grass

Dwarf Hair Grass is considered one of the best foreground aquarium plants thanks to its ability to produce a foundation of grass that’s similar to carpet! The ideal tank for Dwarf Hair Grass is no smaller than 10 gallons and needs moderate lighting. Otherwise, you can expect easy care and fast growing to efficiently satisfy your shrimp and make the tank look great.

Dwarf Sagittaria

If you’re looking for a strong foundational plant for your tank, consider the Dwarf Sagittaria. It’s a grass-like plant that can grow short or tall based on how much light you’re giving it (if you use low light, expect your plant to get really tall because it’s searching for more light!) This is the perfect plant for new hobbyists, as it’s very simple to take care of no matter your water parameters and doesn’t need CO2 injection.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo plant is another great carpeting plant for shrimp aquariums, providing a gorgeous, bright green foreground for shrimp (and fish) to thrive. Beyond its looks, everything about Monte Carlo is moderate - it needs moderate lighting, takes middle-of-the-ground skill for care and it grows at a conservative rate.

Monte Carlo in an aquarium

Midground Plants


Cryptocoryne is one of the most popular tank plants due to its variety of species, forms and colors. They can grow as short as a few centimeters to as tall as half a meter, and have smooth, waved or spiraled leaves. Because there are so many species, the care meter also ranges; some are very simple and perfect for beginners, and others can’t even be cracked by the most talented professionals. Some of the popular Cryptocoryne varieties are: Crypt Lutea, Crypt Lucens, Crypt Wendtii (green), Crypt Wendtii (Red). Keep in mind that Crytocoryne leaves might “melt” if they are introduced to a tank with different water parameters. However, do not be alarmed as the leaves will grow back in time as long as the plant has healthy roots.

Java Fern

This midground plant aquarium is native to Southeast Asia and is vibrant in color and lengthy in height. The Java Fern’s growth rate is slow, amounting to 1 inch per month, but it can amount to be 14 inches tall. It requires minimal lighting and overall maintenance, so this is a plant you can leave alone without worry.


Native to Nigeria, Cameroon, and other areas of Africa, the Anubias is a freshwater species from the Araceae family. It has a reputation for being hardy and easy to care for, making it easy for this plant to thrive in various potential tank environments. This plant is also known for its minimal requirement for lighting and water parameters. Like Cryptocoryne, there are many different sub varieties of Anubias. Some of the popular varities are: Anubias Nana Petite. Anubias Nana, Anubias Barteri and Anubias Coffeefolia.

Background Plants

Italian Vallisneria

Searching for the perfect background plant? Italian Vallisneria is an attractive, go-with-the-flow type of aquarium plant that makes it an ideal choice for your tank. Found in the subtropics, the Italian Vallisneria is flexible when it comes to the environment - it's adaptable to various water parameters, and it doesn’t require CO2 supplementation or high lighting.

Egeria Densa

Native to South America, Egeria Densa makes a great background plant thanks to its form, color and ease of care. This plant doesn’t necessarily require ample lighting - it will not stop growing in low light conditions, but high light conditions can make the plant brighter and stronger. It does require low levels of CO2 to thrive. Otherwise, it’s a very low maintenance option.

Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria is unique because it makes a beautiful background plant but can also be planted as a carpet. Add this plant to your tank and expect fast and tremendous growth - don’t pay attention and it might grow 20 inches and take over your tank. Its recommended water parameters are fairly flexible (with ideal water temperatures ranging from 74 to 82 degrees F) so you can feel good about adding it to a current tank.

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