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Thai Micro Crabs

Thai Micro Crabs

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This listing is for Thai Micro Crabs (Limnopilos naiyanetr). These are awesome peaceful crabs and will be a great addition to your tank. They are one of the few freshwater crabs that can live fully immersed, which makes them perfect for most freshwater aquariums. These crabs are extremely small (hence, their name) and do not grow larger than 1/2". Thai Micro Crabs are slow moving crabs and will take to many varieties of food. We feed them a variety of high-quality sinking pellets. Due to their size and timid demeanor, they pose little to no threat to dwarf shrimp. Again, these are extremely small crabs and the purchase size will range roughly from 1/4" to 1/2".

Tank Water Parameters:

Temperature: 68° - 76° F

pH: 6.2 - 7.2

KH: 1 - 5 dKH

GH: 5-8


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