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Snowflake Party Premium Shrimp Food (35g)

Snowflake Party Premium Shrimp Food (35g)

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We are proud to offer our own premium shrimp food, Snowflake Party. Made from 100% Organic Soybean Hulls, Snowflake Party provides a growth media for Mycelia. Mycelia contains beneficial nutrition and promotes growth of biofilm. We sell Snowflake Party in 35g packages as shown in the photo. Snowflake party is 100% natural and contains protein and vitamins that are beneficial for shrimp growth. These are the same food we feed to all our shrimp and they look like they're having Party during each meal! :) 

We rotate between Shrimpy Party, Protein Party and Snowflake Party to provide our shrimp with a well balanced diet.

Feeding Directions: Feed as much as shrimp can consume in 4-6 hours. Remove any excess food.

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