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SL-AQUA Soil - (Substrate for Caridina Shrimp)

SL-AQUA Soil - (Substrate for Caridina Shrimp)

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SL-Aqua Nature Soil from Japan is made from the highest quality 100% natural raw materials, sintered into a porous and granular structure that helps maintain a stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time. It provides essential minerals and trace elements, which promote the health and growth of shrimp, it also contains organic acids and multi-nutrient fertilizers, which can bring the pH level down when using RO water.   

It is particularly suited to soft water Caridina shrimp species, such as Crystal Red/Black, Taiwan Bees (Red Wine, Black King Kong, and Blue Bolts) Shadow Shrimp, etc.

They are sold in bags of 3 Liters or 8 Liters in 3 Granule Sizes. 

Large Granule - 3.0-5.0mm
Medium Granule - 1.5-3.5mm
Small Granule - 1.0-2.0mm

How much soil do I need?

Length x Width x Desired Substrate Height (in inches)

Divided by 60

= Liters of soil needed


This product will only be shipped with either USPS Priority Shipping. If UPS Next Day Air is chosen and the order consist of Live Animals and this product (soil), the soil will be shipped separately via USPS Priority while the rest of the order will be shipped via UPS Next Day Air.

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