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SL-AQUA Shrimplet Feed (Baby Food)

SL-AQUA Shrimplet Feed (Baby Food)

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SL-Aqua Shrimplet food is designed to promote the healthy growth of baby shrimp. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, with additional algae, chitin, and unsaturated fatty acids, SL-Aqua Shrimplet strengthens the immune system to fight off disease and increase  juvenile survival rates.

Soybean meal, wheat germ, spirulina, vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals.

1. Evenly sprinkle about a teaspoon onto the surface of the water.
2. Monitor and adjust the amount of food fed based on shrimp population (food should be all eaten within 1-2 hours)
3. Remove any uneaten food, if it has been in the water for more than 2 hours. 
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