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SL-Aqua Black MORE Nitrifying Bacteria for Sulawesi & Neocaridina Shrimp

SL-Aqua Black MORE Nitrifying Bacteria for Sulawesi & Neocaridina Shrimp

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Nitroactive for Sulawesi Shrimp by SL-Aqua is a highly concentrated formula specialized for use with Sulawesi Shrimp and Neocaridina. Nitroactive is formulated with a special bacteria dormancy technique that activates beneficial bacteria upon use. The Nitrogen cycle is an extremely important process for all aquarists to learn and understand prior to keeping livestock in a planted tank. Nitroactive for Shrimp by SL-Aqua is meant to jumpstart the cycling process, ensuring ecological balance and a safe environment for your freshwater fish and shrimp species. 

We recommend using this product for Sulawesi Shrimp and Neocaridina.

Trusted by hobbyists around the world, SL-Aqua is recognized for its quality products intended to improve the health and vitality of freshwater and marine life. SL-Aqua products are created using natural materials and formulas intended to enhance aquatic life and increase aquarium success.  


  • New tank setup: 100 liters of water (26.4 Gallons) add 200mL of Black MORE Nitrifying Bacteria.
  • Regular maintenance: Add 1 mL per 10 liters (2.6 Gallons) of water.
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