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Shrimp Starter Pack

Shrimp Starter Pack

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This Shrimp Starter Pack was put together to help hobbyist start off with some of the essentials when it comes to Shrimp keeping. This pack consist of the following:

1 Pack of Shrimpy Party Shrimp Food Our very own shrimp food which we use for all our shrimp! This shrimp food formula consist of essential protein sources, vitamins and minerals which are essential for shrimp growth and breeding.

10 Organic Dried Almond leaves. Almond leaves are an essential part of our shrimp rooms because it provides a media for bio-film to grow which the shrimp can munch on. It also releases beneficial tannins in the water.

1 Shrimpy Business Shrimp Net.  This is the very same net we use in our shrimp rooms. This is the weapon of choice for us to catch these fast, jumpy creatures. It is made of a Stainless Steel Telescopic Net and a high quality mesh which holds a box shape to aid in catching shrimp safely. 

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