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Golden Calceo Shrimp

Golden Calceo Shrimp

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 This listing is for these beautiful Golden Calceo Shrimp. These shrimp also go by Red Calceo Shrimp and are originally bred from a German breeder and are pretty rare in the states. These shrimp are the red cousin of the Dragonblood Shrimp. They have red markings along their whole translucent body. This is truly a gorgeous shrimp. These shrimp are bred by us here in the USA! 

These shrimp are sold as Juveniles (~1/4")

Tank Water Parameters

PH: 6.4-6.5

GH: 4-6

KH: 0-1

TDS: 90-110

Temperature: 68 - 75F

Active Substrate: Brightwell


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