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Red Beckford's Pencilfish (Tank-Bred)

Red Beckford's Pencilfish (Tank-Bred)

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To protect our animals and to ensure they get to our customers healthy, we will only ship orders with Nano Fish via UPS Next Day Air.

The Red Beckford's Pencilfish, also known as the Beckford's Pencilfish, is a popular choice for freshwater aquariums. With its vibrant red color and slender, pencil-like appearance, this fish adds a touch of elegance to any tank. Its small size and peaceful nature make it an ideal choice for community tanks. 

The following are our water parameters we keep them at:

Our Tank Water Parameters

PH: 7.2 to 7.5
GH: 7 to 8
KH: 3 to 4
TDS: 180 to 250
Temp: 72 to 75

We feed them a mix of live baby brine shrimp, frozen daphnia and high-quality flake food.

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