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Qanvee Fluidized Media Filter

Qanvee Fluidized Media Filter

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The QANVEE Fluidized Media Filter is an excellent choice for adding extra biological filtration to any tank. This filter is powered by an air stone that will keep the bio media suspended and moving within the filter. The media will be moving constantly and maximize the surface area of the media to remove any unhealthy compounds. A healthy colony of nitrifying bacteria will be able to handle large amounts of ammonia and nitrites, leading to a healthier and more stable tank.

This filter has a pre-intake filter featured in its design which makes it safe for adult shrimp and baby shrimp

This fluidized filter comes equipped with an air stone and sponge filter, making it shrimp and fish safe. We recommend regularly removing the sponge to rinse in tank water. Regular sponge maintenance will prevent waste from blocking the filter and to allow adequate water flow into the filter chamber for maximum biological efficiency. All you will need for set up is an air pump and airline tubing.

The fluidized filter comes in two sizes, the LH-300 and the LH-600. The LH-300 is perfect for tanks 20 gallons or less, and the LH-600 is recommended for 20-50 gallon tanks.

LH-300 Height: 7.4 inches Diameter: 2.6 inches 
LH-600 Height: 9 inches Diameter: 3 inches

Package Includes
LH-300/600 Filter
Filter media(1/2 bottle)
Air stone inside
2 sponge filters (One replacement)
4 strong suction cups

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