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Dymax Slim Flo Hang on Back Filter

Dymax Slim Flo Hang on Back Filter

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The Dymax Slim Flo Hang on Back Filters are great option for Nano Tanks. These filters are beginner friendly and cost-effective. Slim Flo filters from Dymax have a slim profile which should not affect the overall look of the tank or scape.. They have adjustable flow and come with everything needed to properly filter a nano aquarium. They're also quiet and won't interfere with tank scape. 

Color: Clear Smoke
Includes: Intake tube, intake sponge, leveling knob, and filter media
Models: SF-120 / SF-240 / SF-500
Tank Size: 1-4G / 5-8G / 10-24G
Maximum Flow Rate (Gallons Per Hour):  30GPH /  60GPH /  125GPH
Intake Tube: 2 piece extension & pre-filter sponge

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