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Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss

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Looking for details for your planted tank? Christmas Moss is a popular aquarium plant, known for its ability to thrive in tough environments and its evergreen foliage. This aquatic plant can tolerate wide ranges of temperatures and nutrient levels, making it ideal for aquascaping. With regular trimming, it can provide visual interest to the aquarium for years.


The versatility of aquarium Christmas moss makes it simple to mix things up in your personal hobbyist tank - attach it to hardscape, driftwood, or cholla wood, or let the java moss aquarium plant float freely for a lovely aquatic aesthetic that also serves as spots for coverage and breeding.

Beyond its ability to protect shrimplets and fish fry, Christmas moss can also help maintain high water quality.

Christmas moss is easy to care for; its hardiness allows it to thrive in most water conditions and grow freely throughout the tank. Keep an eye on dirt buildup, excess algae growth, overgrowth and leaves that turn brown.

To propagate Christmas moss, use scissors to cut into sections. Keep each section at about two inches in length. Disperse it throughout the aquarium and watch it naturally attach itself throughout the tank.

Our Christmas moss are available in golf ball size and require low light.

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