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Blue Dream Shrimp

Blue Dream Shrimp

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Are you a hobbyist in need of Blue Neocaridina Shrimp? We have a wide selection of dark blue dream shrimp with a stunning deep blue coloration that can standout in a dark substrate aquarium. 

Native to Southeast Asia, these dark blue shrimp can be found in Taiwan, southern China, Vietnam, and Korea.

Neocaridina Blue Dream Shrimp are among the most popular varieties of dwarf shrimp based on their diet, nutrition, and behavior. We suggest speciality high-quality shrimp food if you really want to make their high grade color stand out and provide them with optimal nutrition to thrive in your aquarium.

Blue Dream Shrimp care is relatively easy - they’re not picky eaters, can swim in various water temperatures and breed well in freshwater environments. 

Blue Dream shrimp will be able to breed with other Neocaridina varieties. However, the offspring will revert back to their original wild-type (brownish shrimp) after a few generations. If your goal is to line-breed these shrimp, we recommend sticking with one Neocaridina variety per tank.

Blue Dream Shrimp Breeder Pack

We created the breeder packs to ensure that hobbyists will have the ideal ratio to start a breeding colony. The Breeder pack will consist of 7 female and 3 male shrimp. For a total of 10 shrimp.

While the 5 packs and 10 packs are random scoops from our tanks and will not guarantee a specific male to female ratio.

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Our Tank Water Parameters

  • PH: 7.0-7.2
  • GH: 7-8
  • KH: 3-4
  • TDS: 200-250
  • Temperature: 68F-74F

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