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Alternanthera Rosanervig

Alternanthera Rosanervig

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Alternanthera Rosanervig is a stunning aquatic plant that will add a unique touch to any aquarium. With its distinct coloring and delicate foliage, this plant is perfect for creating a natural and vibrant underwater landscape. Its easy care and ability to thrive in a variety of water conditions make it a great addition to any aquatic environment.

Its natural growth form makes it ideal for use as a foreground or midground accent in the aquarium. Its easy care and low light requirements make it an accessible option for both seasoned and beginner hobbyists. It propagates easily like any other stem plant by replanting it's trimming back into the substrate.

We sell these plants in lead bunches. Please remove Styrofoam surrounding the roots of the plant prior to planting in to substrate.

Skill Level: Easy

Light: Low Light

Requires CO2: No

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