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10 Indian Almond Leaves

10 Indian Almond Leaves

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This listing is for 10 Indian Almond Leaves, they will be around 6" to 7" in length. Indian Almond Leaves are an essential part of any freshwater shrimp tank. These leaves are hand-picked from a 100% organic source. 

Leaf litter provides a great natural food source for ornamental shrimp. Going out of town for a couple of days? Throw in a leaf and the shrimp will be happy chowing down on the leaf as it breaks down in the water. Leaf litter will also encourage Bio-film growth which is essential for baby shrimp nutrition.

Indian Almond leaves have anti-fungal properties and will help prevent Bacteria Infections.

These leaves also provides cover for shrimp to hide from other aquarium inhabitants.

Indian Almond Leaves are also great for Bettas because of their anti-fungal and healing properties from tannin that gets released in the water.

*We recommend boiling all botanicals before use in your aquarium. This is good practice when adding anything new to your aquarium


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